Landi Renzo Connect
Connect your smartphone
to your vehicle's ecological heart
dodge Landi Renzo Connect
to be first

Landi Renzo is the first company in its sector to provide drivers with extremely innovative Machine to Machine technology. The Connect system is a tool for connecting the control unit of the natural gas system with your smartphone through an app, providing you with important information:

  • The fuel consumption and the autonomy of your car
  • How much are you saving
  • How much are you reducing emissions
Drive better,
save more

Did you ever consider that different driving styles have a different impact on your vehicle's fuel consumption? Accelerating and braking smoothly, and keeping a constant speed, are simple and immediate ways of saving on fuel.

The Connect system provides real-time an overview of your consumptions and statistics

More information,
less pollution

If you have an LPG/CNG fuelled vehicle, you are already making a significant contribution to the reduction of pollutant emissions. To see in real time what is the environmental impact of your car and how you are improving air quality, Landirenzo Connect offers you practical and intuitive interface to keep control on your "greener" driving style.

find a filling station or garage
Find a filling station or garage

With Landi Renzo Connect, you can keep an eye on the area in which you are driving. The application allows you to locate the LPG/CNG filling station closest to you, as well as authorised Landi Renzo garages .

onboard computer
Onboard computer

What am I consuming? How much gas is present in my tank? Which is my remaining kilometrical autonomy before the next full? Landirenzo Connect answers to all these questions by offering you an intuitive control interface, very similar to a real on-board computer. Directly from your phone you can also switch from petrol to LPG/CNG and vice versa.

onboard computer

Keep monitored the trend of consumptions, saving and emissions of your car with the statistics of Landirenzo Connect: the statistics show you intuitively the return of the investment made with the installation of the gas system and how much you have contributed to the planet's health.


Go to an authorized installer of Landirenzo network to make you install the Connect dongle: this little device will allow your smartphone to communicate with the gas control unit.